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They Will Climb The Walls


My #bannedbooksweek story takes place in Elementary School, 4th grade, when I learned that people ban books and a partial reason why.

I was that kid in school that asked the teacher to spend time in the library whenever the chance arose. I kept to myself throughout elementary school, and it was at its worst by 3rd grade. I was teased a lot, mainly name calling and sometimes physical violence that was looked over by my teacher. But I realized if I kept to myself as much as possible, I could go unnoticed by everyone for the most part.

During 4th grade, one of my only friends at school was my librarian which sounds pathetic, but it’s something I will never regret. At first blush, she was very intimidating. Looking back on when I met her now that I’m an adult, she seemed to hate children, hate her job, or…

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Hello All,

I was not able to hit my traps or forearms directly. But I will do that tomorrow. I will do some forearm work, calves, ab work, and trap work. Nothing too crazy.

Seated DB Press:
20 x 20
30 x 15
40 x 7,6

Lateral Raises:
8 x 15,15,12,17,15

Rear Flys:
5 x 20
8 x 10
5 x 15

Face Pulls:
11 x 10 x 3

Rear Machine Flys:
30 x 15

Reverse Curls:
20 x 20
30 x 15
45 x 12,10

Hammer Curls:
15 x 20
20 x 15
25 x 10
30 x 10

Spider Curls:
30 x 20
40 x 15

DB Curls:
20 x 10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,7

Ran 2 miles in 19 minutes.

Brain Vomit:
Possible Split for the rest of the week due to schedule.

Legs, Sat or Sun
High Bar Squat

Chest,Back and Forearms, Monday
Chin Ups
Incline DB Press
Lat Pulldown
Flat DB BP
Cable Row
Face Pull
Reverse Curls
Hand Gripper

Shoulders and Biceps, Tuesday
Seated DB Press
Standing DB Curl
Lateral Raises
Incline Curl
Hammer Curls

Traps, Forearm, Calves and Abs, Wednesday
DB Shrugs
Wrist Curls
Sit Up

Shoulders,Back, and Biceps, Friday
Chin Ups
Seated DB Press
DB Row
Incline Curls
Spider Curls

Hello All,

Time for a some BRO time.

Incline DB BP:
25 x 20
40 x 15
50 x 9
55 x 6
45 x 8,8

Lat Pull Down
88 x 20
110 x 15
121 x 10
131 x 8
110 x 10,12

Flat DB BP
30 x 20
45 x 17
55 x 10
65 x 6 : this felt good.
50 x 10,12

Row Machine:
40 x 20
70 x 17
100 x 12
130 x 6
100 x 10 (Remaining sets done consecutively no rest)
85 x 10
70 x 10
55 x 10
40 x 10

Wide Assisted Pull Up: I tried to do regular chin ups but my back was finished.
80 x 17 reps
60 x 12 reps

Face Pull: I did this just to practice the form.
11 x 10,10

Spider Curls:
2 sets for a pump

Incline Curls:
1 set for a pump

21’s but 20 reps each ROM:
this was also for a quick pump to finish.

Open/Close of Hand:
4 sets of 1 minute

2 sets


I may do some cardio after my shift.

That is all! 🙂

Hello All,

So I may have FINALLY come up with a workout split that works for my schedule and time slots. Here goes. Exercises and days may change, but it all depends if my schedule changes and if I get enough sleep.

Legs, Saturday or Sunday
Squat Variation
Deadlift Variation
Hand Gripper, Forearm Roller

Chest, Back and Forearms, Monday
Incline Bench
Wide Lat Pulldown
Flat Bench
Cable Row
Chin Ups
Assisted Wide Pull Ups
Wrist Curls
Open/Close of Hand

Shoulders,Biceps and Forearms, Tuesday
Dumbbell Press
Seated Lateral Raise
Face Pull
Incline Curl
Hammer Curl
Reverse Curl
Hand Gripper
Deadlift Hold

Shoulders, Back and Biceps, Thursday
Dumbbell Press
Cable Row
Lateral Raise
Face Pull
Incline Curls

Hello All,

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press:
20 x 20; next time 25
35 x 17; 40
45 x 10; 50
55 x 5; 55
40 x 10,10; 45

Lat Pulldown:
77 x 20; 88
110 x 15; same
121 x 9; same
143 x 3; 131
110 x 10,10; same

Flat DB BP:
25 x 20; 30
40 x 17; 45
50 x 12; 55
60 x 7; 65
45 x 12,10; 50

Cable Row:
99 x 15; same
110 x 12; 110
121 x 10; 121
131 x 8; 131
110 x 10,10; same


Chin Ups:

Assisted Pull Ups:

Wrist Curl:
3 sets of 20, flexion and extension

Deadlift Hold:
30 secs
30 secs
20 secs

Second Session

Hello All,

Very light leg day. I was feeling sluggish. I will be switching to the front squat for a while. I am not sure why i was so sluggish today. Maybe i slept too much. 10 hours. it was all willy nilly.

High Bar Squat:Tried to do a pyramid style type of deal with the squats. Doesnt work. By the third set i was finished. I will stick to total reps with squats
95 x 20
135 x 15
165 x 8

Conventional Deadlift: I definitely could have lifted more weight, but since I was tired, I decided to play it safe.
135 x 8
185 x 6
235 x 6,6. Stopped early. I did not have it in me mentally.

Hello All,

Deadlift: This was tough.
185 x 4,3
235 x 2,1
275 x 5,4,2

45 x 10
75 x 4
85 x 2,2
100 x 5,5,4

Barbell Row: This was insanely boring. I will do DB rows instead next time.
95 x 10,11,10

Bench Press:
45 x 10
75 x 8
95 x 6
120 x 4
135 x 10,6,7

DB Curls:
6 sets of 8 with 30 lbs

Forearm Roller: about 6 rolls.

Session 2

Incline Curl: Started with some bicep work.
20 x 17
25 x 11
30 x 6
20 x 18
15 x 24

Seated Lateral Raises: Insane amounts of burning.
8 x 22
10 x 15
12 x 12,12
8 x 18
5 x 24

DB Press: I felt it more in my shoulders especially after the lateral raises. kept the intensity high.
30 x 10
40 x 6
30 x 10,11,10,7

Lat Pulldown: Just to get in some back work.
99 x 10
115 x 10
126 x 8
143 x 6
115 x 10
99 x 18

Face Pull: Upper back and rear delt work.
22 x 20
27 x 15
33 x 12
27 x 12
16 x 25,22

Reverse Curl: Forearm work.
40 x 10 x 4
30 x 12,10

Cable Row: Just for some pump.
99 x 10
88 x 14
77 x 18
77 x 15 (Did last 3 sets as 1 giant set)
55 x 15
33 x 15

DB Shrugs:
30 x 30 x 2
30 x 25
25 x 22
20 x 20

Leg Curls:
Just for a slight pump. Nothing serious

Calf Raises seated: Surprisingly difficult.
45 x 15
no weight x 30

Hello All,

I think I am coming down with a cold or something. Never the less.

Neutral Grip Chin Ups: 72 Total Reps
8,6,4,2 x 2 = 40 reps

Mixed Chin Up variations: 32 reps

12,8,4 x 3 = 72 reps

I actually wanted to do more pull up ups. But I just got tired.

Tomorrow I have to also do some upper body training.

Dear Voters of Scotland: I care

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Abstractions of Life

Dear Voters of Scotland

I am writing to you about your upcoming independence vote. I cannot help but feel that as an English-British person I am not allowed an opinion on the matter, which bothers me. Voicing solidarity with either the Better Together or the Lets Stay Together campaign has clearly become a frowned upon thing to do from south of the Scottish border. If you have a Scottish friend around for dinner in England you will no doubt find the topic the elephant in the room; nobody wants to broach the subject for fear of retribution.

I mean, blatantly it is not our fight; we haven’t the right to vote therefore haven’t the right to comment.

Except, not speaking about the subject at all seems to me to be counter productive. It is like saying we don’t really care what the outcome is because it isn’t our business. This sort…

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First Friday Book Synopsis

White privilege, and male at that, remains a powerful force in our culture. 
And personally, before I get too sold on my own accomplishments, it is always helpful to remind myself that I started, via a genetic lottery, with a huge advantage. 
If you look at life as if it were a football game, I was born on my opponents’ 5-yard line, while they weren’t even in the stadium. 
Larry James, The Truth of White Privilege, from his blog, Larry James’ Urban Daily

Most of the people I write about in this book do not have the luxury of rage. They are caught in exhausting struggles. Their wages do not lift them far enough from poverty to improve their lives, and their lives, in turn hold them back. The term by which they are usually described, “working poor,” should be an oxymoron. Nobody who works hard should be poor…

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