Dear Voters of Scotland: I care

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Abstractions of Life

Dear Voters of Scotland

I am writing to you about your upcoming independence vote. I cannot help but feel that as an English-British person I am not allowed an opinion on the matter, which bothers me. Voicing solidarity with either the Better Together or the Lets Stay Together campaign has clearly become a frowned upon thing to do from south of the Scottish border. If you have a Scottish friend around for dinner in England you will no doubt find the topic the elephant in the room; nobody wants to broach the subject for fear of retribution.

I mean, blatantly it is not our fight; we haven’t the right to vote therefore haven’t the right to comment.

Except, not speaking about the subject at all seems to me to be counter productive. It is like saying we don’t really care what the outcome is because it isn’t our business. This sort…

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