Hello All,

Well my schedule is changing again. So I need to think about how I am going to prioritize my training. I might have to cut my strength training to just 2 days. Not sure exactly what is going to happen with that. With my small hiking trip coming up soon. Also my coccyx has been bothering me lately. I am not sure if its from squatting. But I will be taking a break from squatting. I might do some very light squats once a week for a while. Deadlifting will be the main movement. I will also be doing some dumbbell press and things of that sort.

Very light maybe 75% of current 24/3 sets are. So about 135, 30/3

Deadlift: Currently at 255.
Heavy sets with rep goal of 12/3

Bench Press: Currently at 135
Moderate sets with 30/3 rep goal.

Other exercises:
DB Curl, Band Row, Forearm roller

Forearm Roller
Reverse Barbell Curl – 40/3
Dumbbell Press – 30/3
Lat Pulldown – 30/3
Lateral Raises – 40/3
Face Pulls – 40/3
Shrugs – 40/30
Incline Curl – 40/3
Seated Wrist Curl – For Burn
1.5 mile run – 15 minutes or less.

Wide Pull Ups, Dips, Sit Ups, forearm roller and Stair Master

Incline DB Bench Press – 30/3
Cable Rows – 30/3
Lateral Raises – 40/3
Face Pulls – 40/3
Forearm Roller
Wrist Curl – For burn
DB Curls – 20/3
StairMaster 20-30 minutes

Friday: This will depending on how I feel. If Ā I am too sore from day before I will do lighter benching and rowing.
Heavy Sets with 12/3 rep goal

Bench Press:
Moderate sets with 30/3 rep goal.

Barbell Row:
Moderate Sets with 30/3 rep goal

Forearm Roller, 21’s, Push Ups and Crunches

This is all I can do right now, with my current schedule. It helps that I work at 2 fitness centers.

That is all! šŸ™‚


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