Hello All,

Well recently I have not been able train regular as I would like. I essentially train when I can. I am also recovering from a cold.

This is what i have been doing lately.

Tue. FOCUS: Lower
Low Bar Squats
Sumo Deadlift
Leg Curls
Knees to Chest
90 Sec Bodyweight squats

Wed.FOCUS: Upper
Bench Press
Wide Pull Ups
Machine Row
Spider Curls
Wrist Curls
Seated Calf Raises

Fri. FOCUS: Full Body
Front Squat
Spider Curls
Lateral Raises
Wrist Curls
DB Shrugs
Face Pulls
Pull Aparts

Saturday FOCUS: Upper
Bench Press
Machine Row
Chin Ups
Seated Calf Raises
DB Press

That is all! 🙂


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