Starting Completely over with a brand new “Big Three”. The 3 main movements will be Front Squat, Bench Press and the Stiff Leg Deadlift. I noticed that on my back squats i am “twisting” the bar up. But with the front squat, that is not an issue. I will focus on some unilateral work for a while then start over on the squat.

Front Squat:
45 x 8
65 x 6
95 x 9,9

Bench Press:
45 x 10
95 x 6
115 x 11,13

135 x 10,8,9,8

Machine Row:
45 x 12,10
70 x 10,8

DB Press:
25 x 12,10
35 x 7,10

Spider Curls:
25 x 14,12,15,10,10


Pull Ups:

Leg Curls:
60 x 15 x 3
40 x for burn


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