Bill Cosby, Rape Culture, and Black Male Responsibility

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

I just find it disappointing that when black men are attack or persecuted, black women are usually there to defend them. But a lot of times it does not seem the case the other way around. Good post.

Black Millennials

As the rape allegations against Bill Cosby grow, a disturbing number of Black men are supporting him. Through their support, they are not only impeding the overarching movement of racial justice, but they’re perpetuating patriarchy.

As a Black Woman, I am (once again) caught between the intersectional netherworld of my Blackness versus my Womanhood. These two identities undisputedly characterize my Black feminist politic, but it causes an internal tension that balances on the thin line between my race and my gender.

This struggle, the struggle of Black Womanhood, is one that is entirely unnecessary should Black men take responsibility for not just their race, but their gender as well. If I, as a Black Woman, have to constantly analyze the scope of my identity politic, then Black males should as well.

Some Black Men do. There are a number of personal friends and public luminaries that are vocal about and…

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