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Hello All!

Changed my mind, I will post my training session here going forward.

Full Squat Clean:
95# x 3
115# x 4
135# x 2 x 4

Chin Ups:
54321 x 2 = 30 Reps

Incline DB Bench: Alternated Sets with Hammer Curls.
45# x 10, 55# x 8, 65 x 4, 35# x 15

Hammer Curl:
30# x 10 x 3, 20# x 15

Machine Row: 1 Plate x 12 x 6

Rack Style Curls: 30# x 10, 25# x 10, 20# x 10, 15# x 10, 10# x 10, 5# x 10

That is all!


Hello All,

Its been a few months since I have really posted anything on here. Mostly because I have been in search of a full time job. And I found one! And it is fitness related. It came at a perfect time.

I have gained back about 20 lbs since June/2014, where I weighed 163 pounds. I weigh about 183ish. Now since I have a more flexible schedule I can eat more appropriately. The goal is to get to 175 lbs by December. Let me share with you my recent personal records.

In the last month I was able to:

  1. Bench Press: 185# for 1 Rep
  2. Squat: 225# (low bar)
  3. Deadlift: 300# (conventional)
  4. Full Squat Clean: 165#

Even though I have gained some weight I still feel in decent enough shape to get back to where I was last year. As far as the routine goes, I will go back to a Push Pull Legs routine with some minor changes. Which will most likely include more jump roping, walking and sprinting. When I working at my other job, I realized I was walking almost 10 miles per week, plus basketball PLUS my 2x/week sprints. I am going to try to find a way to replicate that as much as possible.

I will post up any useful information or resources on this blog.

That is all!