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Hello All,

Its been a few months since I have really posted anything on here. Mostly because I have been in search of a full time job. And I found one! And it is fitness related. It came at a perfect time.

I have gained back about 20 lbs since June/2014, where I weighed 163 pounds. I weigh about 183ish. Now since I have a more flexible schedule I can eat more appropriately. The goal is to get to 175 lbs by December. Let me share with you my recent personal records.

In the last month I was able to:

  1. Bench Press: 185# for 1 Rep
  2. Squat: 225# (low bar)
  3. Deadlift: 300# (conventional)
  4. Full Squat Clean: 165#

Even though I have gained some weight I still feel in decent enough shape to get back to where I was last year. As far as the routine goes, I will go back to a Push Pull Legs routine with some minor changes. Which will most likely include more jump roping, walking and sprinting. When I working at my other job, I realized I was walking almost 10 miles per week, plus basketball PLUS my 2x/week sprints. I am going to try to find a way to replicate that as much as possible.

I will post up any useful information or resources on this blog.

That is all!

Hello All,

With my schedule changing so much I haven’t been able to train the way I would have liked. But now since I have a regular schedule, I will be training 2x per week for strength training. And I will fit in my cardio throughout the week along with whatever extra exercise I would want to do.

135 x 6 x 2
225 x 6
250 x 4
275 x 2

45 x 6
65 x 6
85 x 6
97.5 x 4
110 x 2

Barbell Row:
95 x 10
115 x 7,7,7

Barbell Curl:
70 x 6,6,6

Hammer Curl:
32.5 x 8,8,8

Session 2 will be something like:

Squat (or Sumo Deadlift)
Close Grip Bench Press
Bent Over Row
Good Morning
Reverse Curl
Dumbbell Curl

Hello All,

So recently my workouts have been all over the place. I recently pulled my right glute. I am not sure how it happened. Might have been from doing push ups of all things. I won’t be doing any lower body training until the middle of next week. SO I decided to post someย upper body work out options. These are just a few I have used, but there are countless others.

Upper Body Combo 1 (Push/Pull or Chest and Back)
Bench Press
Bent Over Row (as close to 90 degrees as possible)
Dumbbell Pull Over

Upper Body Combo 2 (Shoulders,Back,Triceps)
Overhead Press
Dumbbell Row
Lateral Raise

Upper Body Combo 3 (Chest,Delts,Biceps,Triceps)
Close Grip Bench Press
Overhead Press
Barbell Curls

Upper Body Combo 4 (Back, Delts, Triceps)
Bent Over Row
Behind Neck Press (only if you can do correctly)
French Press

Full-Arm Workout
Barbell Curl
Pull Over
Hammer Curl
French Press
Barbell Wrist Flexion/Extension
Forearm Roller or Hand Gripper

Chest Workout
Bench Press (any variation)
Dumbbell Fly (any variation)
Push Ups (any variation for 100 total reps)

The above are just combinations that I have used together. There are probably more that I have used but these are just a few of countless combinations.

This is what I did today. I had a lot of rest and energy, plus it was too cold to leave the house. ๐Ÿ™‚

Upper Body Session (Chest/Back, Upper Arm(Triceps,Biceps)


15 x 15,15,15,15,15

Bench Press:
95 x 15
115 x 10
140 x 6
125 x 8,6
95 x 10

Bent Over Row:
95 x 15
115 x 10,10,10
95 x 12

BB Curl:
55 x 15
65 x 10
75 x 6
60 x 8,8

DB Pull Over: going up in weight next time.
40 x 15,15,15

DB Row: pretty tough
50 x 10,10,10

Hammer Curl:
25 x 15,15,15

Tricep Kickback:
15 x 15,15

75 crunches and 50 reverse crunches to finish.

That is all! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello All,

Had the energy and motivation to pull this one off.

115 x 6
155 x 4
185 x 6,4,4

Bench Press:
95 x 6
125 x 4
140 x 2
155 x 4,4,4

135 x 6
225 x 3
245 x 6,4,4

Extra work:
Behind the Neck Press: Keeping the weight really light here. still tough since i am new to the exercise.
55 x 15,11,10

Bent Over Row:
105 x 10,10,10

Barbell Curl:
65 x 12,10,10

Forearm Roller:
3 rolls for a nice burn.

Hello All,

135 x 6
185 x 6
225 x 6
260 x 4,2 < stay here next time i go relatively heavy.

Bench Press:
95 x 8
125 x 4
140 x 4
160 x 3,2,2,2,2

How I did today with DL and Bench will determine how I train for the next 2 weeks. Goal is to hit 260×6 and bench 160×6. 2 weeks. Did some rows and behind neck presses plus some arm work

Bent Over Row:
95 x 10
105 x 12,10

Behind Neck press:
45 x 10 x 3
55 x 10

Barbell Curl:
60 x 15,15

Seating Triceps Extension DB:
40 x 18,15

Forearm Roller:
5 pounds attached, just for a burn.


That is all! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello All,

No Hamstring work today. Thursday or Friday I will be Deadlifting heavy and doing some good mornings.

95 x 6,6
145 x 6
175 x 8,6 (this felt surprisingly light) Next week will be 185 for 2 sets of 6-8

Bench Press:
45 x 15
95 x 10
125 x 11,10

Close Grip BB Row:
45 x 10
95 x 10,12

DB Press:
20 x 10
30 x 10

Incline Curl:
15 x 15
20 x 8,8

Seated Overhead DB Tricep Extension:
25 x 15
30 x 15

Forearm ROller: for a burn

That is all!


After 2 intense weeks of Upper/Lower work, I will be doing a template in which I train 3x the first week, 2x the second week, then repeat.
There will be 3 different workouts (A,B,C) that alternate. Pretty Simple.

Week 1
Workout A
Squat 2×6, IF i dont get 2 sets of 6, I will do an extra set.
Bench Press 2×10
Barbell Curl 2×15
Bent Over Row 2×15
Good Morning 2×15
Pull Over 2×15
Forearm Roller 3 sets for a burn

Workout B
Deadlift Ramping sets of 4-6
Close Grip Bench Press 2×10-15
DB Curl 2×10
DB Row 2×10
OHP 2×10
Tricep Extension 2×15
Forearm Roller 3 sets for a burn

Workout C
Bench Press 2×6, IF i dont get 2 sets of 6, I will do an extra set.
Squat 2×10
Bent Over Row
Barbell Curl
Good Morning (optional)
Pull Over
Forearm Roller 3 sets for a burn

note: for the assistance exercises the reps and sets may change depending on how I feel.
for the main lifts (bench, deadlift and squat) intensity will vary depending on how i feel.

That is all! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello All,

Last few sessions, I have squated 175 x 6,4, deadlifted 225 x 6 x 3 and benched 120 x 12,10. I did not write out my workouts, But these the numbers I need to remember.

Here is what I did yesterday. I did not do any direct hamstring work. Next week I will be going hard on the deadlift, so I am trying to rest as much as possible.

Bench Press:
45 x 20
95 x 6
120 x 6
135 x 2,2
150 x 6,4,4

65 x 6,6
95 x 6
135 x 12,10

Bent Over Row (close)
95 x 10,12,10

Barbell Curl:
55 x 10,12,10

Pull Over:
30 x 20,15

Forearm Roller:
3 sets for a burn

That is all!

Hello All!

95 x 6,4
135 x 3,3
165 x 6,8,6,4

135 x 3,3
185 x 3,3,
245 x 1 x 15 (30-90 seconds rest between sets)

My triceps were completely blasted from yesterdays session. I have another Upper workout set up for tomorrow. I am going to hit my biceps with some light weights.

That is all! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello All!

Changed what I had planned.

Bench Press:
45 x 20, DB Row: 25 x 10
95 x 4, DB Row: 25 x 10
130 x 2,2 DB Row: 25 x 10 x 2
155 x 2 x 10 (added 10% of previous weight, 140. Now next week, I will do 155 for 24 reps over 4 sets. At least try to)

Bent Over Row Narrow Grip: Super set with forearm roller (for burn)
45 x 20
65 x 15
85 x 10
105 x 6

Concentration Curl:
20 x 8 x 3

Barbell 21’s:
45 x 21 x 3

Dumbell Pullovers:
30 x 15 x 2

Seated DB Tricep Extensions:
20 x 15 x 2

Decline Push up with feet elevated:

Hand gripper:
1 set of 25

That is all!