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Before and After - 62 Pound

Hello all,

Almost 2 years of work. Cleaned up the nutrition and focused more on training. I still have plenty of work to do.

That is all! 🙂


Hello All,

So back in May of 2012, I quit my job to make a career and life change. I weighed about 225 pounds. In April of that year is when I was slapped with the reality that I was overweight.  How? Well…. I was invited to go to my cousins Quinceniera (Sweet Fifteen). I brought my nicest suit and shirt and tie. Me and my fiance were sharing a room and the morning of the event, I put on my clothes…. omg…. NONE OF THEM FIT!!! my legs would not fit in the pants and once I did get them in, I could not zip up the pants. And my shirt and blazer barely fit. It was embarrassing. My fiance said something like, “You gotta chance that.” Not in a bad way, but it definitely lit a fire under my ass.  Well… I ended up having to buy new pants and shirt that morning. Horrible.  This is my photo from April 2012.

April 2012

April 2012, 225 pounds

After I quit my job I started my journey. Here is a shirtless photo of me from August 2012. I actually forgot I had taken this photo. I found it on one of my CDs. The hair was terrible. But look at those GUNS…. 🙂

August 2012

August 2012, 225 Pounds

I was about 225 lbs and 5’8″. Drum roll please……..  Here is my latest photo taken last week, February 2014, 52 lbs later.


February 2014, 173 Pound

It has been about …. 22 months, 88 weeks. I have lost about .6 pounds per week. I mean… I will take that. And of course I had some slip ups. But I kept going. At one point I gained 12 pounds back and was stuck at 200 for a WHILE. But now the time has come. For greatness and a healthier lifestyle. I am not a crossfitter *YUCK*, a vegan *i love bacon*, a powerlifter or an olympic lifter. I train my body for health and I do my best to eat like that also.  I hope this can motivate someone else to go out there and get in a better shape and that it is possible if you have patience and JUST FINISH. 🙂 That is all folks.

PS: I am sexy in all of these pics. Remember that. 🙂