Hello All,

With my schedule changing so much I haven’t been able to train the way I would have liked. But now since I have a regular schedule, I will be training 2x per week for strength training. And I will fit in my cardio throughout the week along with whatever extra exercise I would want to do.

135 x 6 x 2
225 x 6
250 x 4
275 x 2

45 x 6
65 x 6
85 x 6
97.5 x 4
110 x 2

Barbell Row:
95 x 10
115 x 7,7,7

Barbell Curl:
70 x 6,6,6

Hammer Curl:
32.5 x 8,8,8

Session 2 will be something like:

Squat (or Sumo Deadlift)
Close Grip Bench Press
Bent Over Row
Good Morning
Reverse Curl
Dumbbell Curl

  1. Tiffaspilla says:

    nice workout routine! πŸ™‚ I’m a fitness blogger on here too! x

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